Meet Me in the Middle

I’m going to start out by saying, “if this post offends you – good!”

If this post does not offend you, then I say, “Great! Even better!”

Right now, at this present moment, some of you are finding yourself at a crossroad. You are reading the scrolling newsfeeds and witnessing miraculous events combined with the heartbreaking monstrosities of our modern day world. You are seeing glitches in the fabric of your reality, of someone else’s reality, while observing a lot of uncommon sense battling the common collective.

Please – do not think you are alone! You are never alone, wherever you may be. There are others out there, others like us, who think like us, feel like us, and see the world just as we do.

Right now, at this present moment, some, or most, of you are struggling to find yourself in a world that is quick to gaslight you into being something you were never meant to be. The subliminal manipulation exists and the opinions of ‘what you need to be’ as compared to ‘who were you destined to be’ exists around every corner.

Besides listening to your own soul’s intuition, a great determinant in where your present self will find its future self is the people you choose to surround yourself with. How small or big your inner circle of trust is, and the quality of its members, depends on you. Be wise! Be understanding! Have fun, yet, be wise!

Right now, at this present moment, you may not have enough money in your bank account and be part of the struggling middle and lower class incomes, our dividing socioeconomic status quo brackets changing just as much as the gas prices from state to state (you get what you vote for, so, enjoy!). In all actuality, though, is a lack of money an excuse or a motivating reason in what drives us in trying to make our dream a reality?

Not everything can be bought. Believe that!

Right now, at this present moment, you might not be at the mountain peak you thought you would be at. You might still be climbing the treacherous slope along with millions of others. You might be deep in the valley where our journey’s water inevitably has to trickle so we can fill our canteens and hydrate before us life adventurers embark. So wherever we are on this climb, are we quick to find an empty excuse or an all explaining answer as to why we, the royal we, are not where we want to be so our heart’s content can finally pitch its tent and enjoy the view?

Right now, at this present moment, we may have lost something of great value and we think we are never going to fill the void and we feel lost and sad and in need of reassurance and we look to the sky for signs of visible wonder and when we do not receive our instant answers we question our faith and never-dying hope and we run our ship aground and wander in circles for years on end when the real answer was in front of our faces and all we had to do was be quiet for a minute or two and let the world turn on its own instead of us having to manipulate every detail of the created simulation that slowly spirals through the dark void of an always expanding outer space? (Run on, run on!)

Right now, at this present moment, I am discovering something about myself as I type, word for word, how I feel, knowing that a mental list is about to follow this next sentence and hopefully we can meet at some middle ground along the way because if my way doesn’t satisfy your needs and wants and your way doesn’t satisfy me then we have to do something special, together, in the in-between.


Are we okay so far?


If you love someone – tell them and mean it! If you do not, then don’t say it. Empty love speak has finally caught up with all of us and it has to slowly evaporate and stop. You deserve more, in the way that best fits you, and so do they, in their own way – not yours.

If you hate someone – forget about them, put them behind you, and quit using your energy on them. They are not worth another precious second of your time, considering how much they, and you, have already wasted.

Fake will always manifest fake, and it’s time for you, for me, for us, to finally be real with ourselves. It’s time for ‘real’ to make its grand re-entrance and put ‘fake’ back into its place at the bottom of the podium.

If you miss someone and they are a positive influence in your life journey – tell them you miss them. It’s okay to feel something genuine in your daily walk of life. Okay? If you miss someone and they are a negative influence in you getting to where you need to be or vice se vera, it’s okay to keep them as far away from you as possible and delete them from your contact list and never respond to them ever again. If your associated memories hurt when it comes to certain people, quit making more with them. It’s okay to grow away from them.

If you think something is beautiful – let he, she, or it know that. It is okay to get excited about your art or other life events that ignite your soul. Spread the fire that is inside of you. When the world grows dim, we are the candles that can help light the way for others, as well as seeing where our next foothold may be as we do so.

If you feel like chasing your dream with every fiber of your being – what are you waiting for? The only obstacle in you being successful is not money, even though it would help. It’s not what your last name might be. It’s not the house you grew up in or currently live in. It’s not your current job. It’s not your education level. It’s not whatever region of the world you are currently camped in. Connections do help, the right connections and not just open ended promises, I guess, even though I do believe the biggest obstacle standing in your way is you. Keep in mind that time is not waiting for you to start your journey.

A rags to riches story will far outweigh a riches to riches story any day of the week. Money can produce money, most of the time. When nothing can produce money and success, well, now, that’s a story I’d like to hear about.

If you do not feel like chasing a dream and are fine with working hard, existing, and enjoying the things in the world – then do that. That is perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with that mindset because you were a rockstar since the day you were born so who else is there to impress other than your own self?

If you want to hug someone, and both sides of the consent form are filled out (the giving and the receiving) – when you embrace, make it count because you never know when you’ll see that person again, if ever, and exchange the energy of that current moment! Good hugs should be remembered, not forgotten, and it’s okay not to embrace someone that has wronged you or vice se versa.

Friends can become family, and family can become friends, so learn to distinguish the two and keep the good ones close to your soul for safekeeping because they believed in you when no one else did. Their love is endless and should feel as so. As for the family or friends who tend to act arbitrarily indecent in your tribe, it’s best to leave those individuals on the outskirts of town until they can learn to be decent human beings. Same goes for you if you start acting the same way. Real friends will always top fake family any day of the week. Real family beats fake friends any day of the week as well.

Enjoy a peaceful sunrise or sunset as often as you can. Pray for those in war or natural disaster zones. Be thankful for a home, food, a bed, and a shower. Enjoy being able to see with your eyes, hear with your ears, and touch the things around you with fully functional hands. Enjoy being able to breathe on your own and not be confined to a hospital bed. Appreciate walking around without assistance and freely using the restroom on your own. Enjoy being whole and do not let anyone make you feel guilty for finding your own happiness when they cannot find theirs.

Live in the present moment. Remember and learn from your past and keep it in your rearview mirror. Look forward to a future that is only going to be as bright as you make it.

Laugh often, as cliche as that phrase becomes as it constantly pops up in home decor as though you should be reminded to do it anyway. Don’t waste your laughter with the wrong people because your smile is too handsome or beautiful to not be appreciated for what it is. Heartfelt laughter with the right people is the best medicine for a happy heart, a balanced soul, or someone that is healing from something traumatic, whether big or small.

One thing I’ve always pondered – religion was once used as a defensive tool and not an offensive one. What happened?

If your parents, siblings, children, family, friends, or acquaintances are alive and things are in good standing, tell them how much you love them or unexpectedly visit them out of the blue. One day, these people will not be there and it is easier, obviously, to interact with them while they are still around. If your parents, siblings, children, family, or friends are alive and things are not in good standing, I hope there is enough peace one day so you can talk to them and tell them the things you miss or get something off your chest or straighten out the issue that caused the rift in the first place. You cannot wait for them to knock on your door. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and make your own entrance.

Be careful who you share yourself with – that involves your mind, body, and spirit. The only person that knows how fragile you are and how you need to be handled is yourself, unless you have otherwise disclosed it, and the only way you will ever be able to love someone else is to love yourself first. Never rely on someone else to make you happy. Some people can fake it their entire life as long as the money runs deep, and, in all honesty, that seems like such a waste of a life.

Want to make death tremble? Die with no regrets!

Anybody who is in a lesser position than where you currently sit, remember, scenarios can change in an instant. Be humble. Have sympathy. Help when you can. Don’t lose yourself. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of, but, still, help if you can.

Somebody’s mental health if far more important than missing an episode of your favorite show. We need to be able to talk to one another, even if the topics take us off guard or makes us feel uncomfortable. If you are struggling with an issue, find someone to talk to. We have already lost a lot of decent people, and we do not want to lose anymore. Stay with us, struggling soul. We will make it through. I promise!

If you hate something, it controls you. If you ignore something, you control it. If something steals your energy and makes you feel negative in any way, put it far behind you where it belongs. If someone lies to you, question their love for you. If they lie to you constantly, it’s best to question your love for them. Leaving them to their own devices is okay! I promise!

If politics and politicians overcompensatingly cared about the people just as much as some of the radical voters cared about them, their policies, and the flawed system, would the world be a different place? If you answered yes, how sad is it to have to admit that? If you answered no, how sad is it to have to admit that as well!

This small list barely scrapes the surface of things we, myself included, may struggle with, and I’m sure we all wish we could have had that voice of reason when our world seemed like it was far from normal and was turned upside down.

Whether in happiness or sadness, the universal truths behind this life all connect on some wavelength to where we could or can say to a total stranger, ‘I know how you feel!’ We should find peace and solace in that fact, to know that we are not alone, even when our minds make us believe that we are.

You are a brave warrior!

Look at everything you have already conquered and all the other undiscovered lands that lie ahead of you. You got this! I promise!

Keep your head up! Do not let your past self sabotage your future self because so much depends on you being the best version of your present self.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run!

I have faith in you!

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