I am a writer from the South, hailing from a small, rural town. This is my first and only blog. I believe that courage, focus, determination, and persistence will eventually lead to manifestation. My main goal is to connect with my audience through my fictional, non-fictional, and poetry themed writings. I am currently trying to chase my dream of becoming a published author and look forward to the future day when I can turn my fictional novels into screenplays. I most recently created a podcast to challenge myself with the spoken word and reading of my creative works and inspiring thoughts. Those links are posted in my profile. Thank you for spending your time with me!

I, paRANoia

(…shh!.. wait!.. be quiet!.. I think someone, or something, is outside my door! I think I hear them plotting against me, yet again… they’re here!.. I knew it!.. I knew … Continue reading I, paRANoia

The Sophisticate Hick

My right knee caps been hurtin all duh time now,and I’ve had a sore throat fer almost two months.Sum days, I have trouble jus gittin off duh floor.I have tuh … Continue reading The Sophisticate Hick

Dear Diary,

Is this where I have to run so I can be completely honest with myself? Do I have to fluff my three pillows and down comforter and lay my body … Continue reading Dear Diary,

i feel like…

Life has me, well, somewhat frayed. No fault to my family. No fault to my friends. No fault to myself, if we’re being honest. It’s ‘its’ fault for the way … Continue reading i feel like…