Where To?

* if it is hard for you to take a break from our current reality and listen to an open minded opinion of what a single soul sees and feels and reflects on in his present parallel, then this post is definitely NOT for you.

Let’s begin…

(also, it is good to be back with all of you for a sporadic nonfiction write up).

Where are you going To rest when there’s nowhere else for you to safely run to? Where are you going To stand when you finally lose your footing and go over the cliffside? Where are you going To seek shelter when the minority tries to turn your country into an antichrist, a mockery, a disease, when most of us, the majority, want to honor those that tried their best to preserve what used to be everyone’s safe ground, everyone’s safe space from the lunacy that currently makes our blood boil – a never ending rage?

What are we going to be when we willingly let the demons infiltrate our soul and become something we no longer recognize?

Where are you going To?

Be honest with yourself and quit sugar coating the truth that exists, the truth that may discredit our, or mine for that fact, current belief system or mentality, not saying that you cannot be you, but also recognizing the fact that you can be the you that you want to be and still be a decent human being in the process.

Where To, people?

Where To?

Do you really want hell on earth?

Do you really want the minority to determine the outcome for the majority and be nothing but silent sheep led to the slaughter by a bunch of zebras that don’t know which way their stripes should run?

Do you really want to bleed your soul on your own ground and rape the children’s innocence by grooming and indoctrinating them with crimes beyond this parallel and cut the adolescent’s wrist, whose imagination should still be filled with today’s dreams of a bright tomorrow and not if they need to engrave their pronoun on a bulletproof vest that they need to wear to school and maim the young adult’s will to live with failed policies and rising inflation so they will never be able to start the life they have always dreamed of and constantly discourage the middle aged persons into climbing back into the battery that the failed systems of the world have made them live in so they can be drained for even more taxed earnings without representation and then kill, kill, kill the elderly until they work themselves to six feet soil or urned ashes and have to foreclose on the rest of their dwindling life that they deserve in the first place, them having tried to avoid the above scenarios their entire life as the steeled toed boot of a failed, lifeless government presses and expands beyond its own rightful good?

Have all us been gaslighted into believing their form of the truth and not our own?

You thought you had a point that needed to be made, right, so you joined the crowd of blind roller skaters and signed up for the conga line that is headed straight for the canyon’s edge? You thought your idea needed to be inserted into everyone’s innocent reality, whether godless or not. Whether good or not. Whether valid or not. Whether necessary or not. And it got you where? Where you needed to be? Where you thought you needed to go? Did it? And when you got there, was it everything you thought it would be?

When you played the part of the fool and wanted to broadcast your point and show it off to whoever wasted their time listening to it, did it make you feel better to become nothing more than a byword afterwards?

The only difference that exists between a delusion and a reality is the fool that cannot distinguish between the two, right?

“Who needs a worn out road map to help aid in finding your own direction when we have a crowd to follow, right? “

Vernon Herring

Where To, people?

Where To?

The internet and social media has done nothing but destroy real relationships and friendships – genuine connections and much needed conversations – and distorted common sense and decency. Not just ‘everyone’ or ‘anyone’ was or is supposed to have a voice, platform, or influence, no matter how not PC that last statement may sound, no matter if that applies to you or to me or to neither.

The same principle should apply for a driver’s license. Not just ‘everyone’ should be allowed to drive on the road or own a gun or teach and lead the youth of tomorrow or be able to read kid’s books to infants and toddlers or be the marketing face of ‘whatever’ brand you choose to invest your hard earned dollars in because you actually enjoy the product, only to be mocked at in a future point in time when that company and their failed experts reveal their new agenda and advertise a perverted distortion of your favorite product as it slowly appears on all the screens and instantly ruins that experience for you and your forty plus hour work week.

It’s almost as humorous as a writer in stasis hearing about a writer’s strike with certain production companies, all the while knowing that there are hundreds, thousands, millions of writers waiting for their shot to implement their storylines into the world of today and weed out some of the ones who may have lost their sting when it comes to connecting to people with certain characters and the adventures that surround them. Where one writer does not want to write – there is another one waiting. Where one production platform does not want to cooperate – there is always another waiting for their breakout. Where one celebrity wants to sit out in solidarity or use their award winning speech in an attempt to make an ‘ill advised point’ – there is plenty of others waiting to fill the void of said person’s ignorance.

Before you lay the bricks, there has to be a blueprint, otherwise, it’s all in vain.

I have come to realize that the 1980’s will always be the future, a point in time in our history when everything was, or seemed, okay, and we look back at it now and all we can try to do is imitate it, our most sincere form of flattery.

Then, I look at us today, and I wonder what are we trying to imitate now because, from what I see and hear and observe and reflect on, the only thing we are flattering and boasting is paradoxic lunacy, and the voices against this type of social disorder are finally starting to grow in number, span both genders and orientations, both political parties, and all races and religious groups.

When the voice of reason can no longer keep quiet and gains enough courage to defend itself, that is when the voice of invalidity becomes the victim and starts screaming in the street and local city halls and lying in the road in certain intersections while playing pretend through mindless protest. Then comes the social medias posts. Then comes the politicians. Then comes the celebrities and talk show hosts. Then comes the screens. And another agenda. And more screens. And more agendas for the agendas.

Everywhere – the screens…

Anywhere – an agenda…

…then comes the confusion…

…the devil, like a roaring lion, laughs and licks his teeth while God shakes his head, takes a deep breath, and gives us the one thing that none of us deserve anymore…


We have let the darkness consume the light then complain when we can’t see where we are going. We let ‘them’ decide what is right and wrong for us and, then, give them the attention they seek when we are forced to defend what should be considered ‘common sense and decency’ and wonder why the rest of the world rolls their eyes at us and continues to build their global dominating armies as we try to cross our heart and remember those that went before us so we, THE PEOPLE, could live free, and not the type of ‘free’ that is currently being melted up in our charred, bent up spoons and shot into the masses tired and worn out veins.

Where To, everyone?

Feeling like a Walking Dead zombie yet?

Feeling like all you do is work so you can pay someone else’s needs off and not your own – day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, until it finally happens…

…the day when your heart is too tired to beat and feel anything anymore… and… finally… quits… and gives up…

You say religion isn’t real, but there are some people out there that are bound and determined to open portals they should not be messing around with and bring hell from underneath our very own feet then whine when the Earth’s temperature cranks up a degree or two and not acknowledge the fact that global warming, cow farts, and rising sea levels is not the problem…

…we are…

The Earth does have a fever – and we are the cause.

So, Where To, bright minds of the world?

Where To?

When I was young, instead of hanging out on computer screens – the screens, the screens – everywhere, the screens – we pedaled bicycles to our friends’ house. We played basketball outside and pretended that we were going to make it to the pros when, being a 5 foot 3 white country boy playing on a grass court and weighing in at an immaculate ninety-five pounds, I should have been more ‘real’ with myself and what I thought I was going to be when I grew up and simply enjoyed the memory for what it was.

When I was young, we drank from water hoses, jumped in creeks, and wrote love letters on real paper and with a real pen and saved them in a shoebox. There was social distortion in high school, but by no means was it the parlayed circus that it is today. People were simply people, not political objects, not pronouns, not batteries, and not so easily influenced by the next big social trend or political agenda. People were, well, more real than they are today and we sought after one thing that the AI generation of today has no clue of…

…salvation from the world of today – to be in the world and not of it…

So, Where To next, people?

Where To?

Some people want to say, ‘well, love is love’, but is it anymore? Some people want to destroy right so quickly and replace it with wrong that the parallel we currently live in, this side mission that was created by the elitist 5% – I mean if you can’t see it then you truly are blind when I say, ‘the script is flawed’ – is not even the least bit intriguing. Parts of our programmed life are not even fun anymore because of ‘them’. The only thing that seems to roam around is the roadside attractions that passes through town for a couple of days and is forgotten in the grand scheme of things and is replaced with some other calamity, some other designed way to keep us distracted, some other way to pit even more people against one another so we will not do the one thing that they are most scared of –

…the one thing that they avoid at all cost while keeping us intrigued with the idea that our imaginary vote counts…

– they are scared of one thing and one thing alone – us uniting as one in the name of common decency so our world can truly be preserved and people can live some sort of normal happiness until death’s rattle sounds in our ear.

So where are we going, everyone?

Where To next?

Some would argue this post targets a certain audience and is just disgustful. Others would argue that it is something that everyone needs to hear. I would argue that there are a lot of restless spirits in Arlington Cemetery that need to claw their way back out of their grave, reassemble for one last stand on our own soil, and mercilessly haunt the ones that have and are perverting the very thing that they willingly cut their life short for, a self sacrifice that some of us will never truly comprehend because they saw to it that we never would have to worry about it.

It’s shameful… disgusting… and inhuman…

If you desire to sell your soul, it appears as though the going rate is very, very cheap these days so do not expect that big of a payout…

… so the battle rages on… blood continues to be shed… another headstone is marked…

…and all I can think of is –

Where To next, everyone?

Where To?


Instead of marking and branding ourselves with pronouns, what would happen if we had to wear the title of what we truly were… I mean, TRULY… Our souls intent… Not some made up, delusional, lukewarm psychosis that makes us stand out for a moment in history when we decided to color outside the lines for a half a year or so and further distract ourselves from the main issues at hand.

What would your REAL title say?

Narcissistic Sociopath?




Great Lover?

Kind Hearted?

Kind Spirited?


Two Faced?



Best Friend Ever?


Loving Mother?



Neglected Father?


Non Sensical Liberal?

Hard Worker?




Great Person?

The Perfect Neighbor?

Poor Friend?

Model Citizen?





Beautiful Soul?

Handsome Heart?

Misguided Mind?






Struggling Middle Class?

Easily Brainwashed?






and the titles go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and 0n and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and (I put a zero instead of an ‘o’ in that above paragraph – can you find it?)

Just remember, this is just an idea…

…like everyone else in the world has from time to time…

…except I’m letting you read it for yourself instead of shoving it down your throat and yelling it at you in the streets and parading it around in front of your kids at school or the library or on the social media screens – the screens – the screens – the screens.

You know?

Always remember – “you can put lipstick, eyeshadow, and pasties on a pig, hose it down in perfume, and give it a pedicure… regardless, at the end of the day, it’s still going to oink… and stink… and be a pig…”


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  1. That was right on . It was very well written. You have such a way with words, That is a great piece. I loved it. Can I use the thing about the pig? Love you much.

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