What Color is a Soul?

This world will lead you to believe that because you are white, you are the privileged, racist enemy. If you are black then you are a criminal who is still in bondage. If you are Hispanic then you are an illegal immigrant and must be deported immediately instead of being given an American chance.

Some humans will fixate their opinions and views so much on race and ethnicity that they segregate themselves and become more and more invisible. Misinformation has exhausted social issues to their breaking point. Television, news stations, and some celebrities and athletes have nauseatingly misrepresented worthy causes from behind their cell phones and gated multi-million dollar houses.

I guess whatever movements or political causes give people, celebrities, and athletes more temporary followers and views, that is the big trend right now. Then what, forget about it in a year while the normal people continue to live and scrape by? We should be wiser than this and know not to judge an entire group of people by the actions of a few.

It makes as much sense as saying, “hey, this group of white cops did this so all white cops have to be doing that!”

It makes as much sense as saying, “Black lives matter” – being countered with, “all lives matter,” – then being countered with, “no, only black lives matter – now chant it with me or you’re a racist!”

It makes as much sense as dedicating certain months out of the year to certain races or causes when we should be celebrating the melting pot of awareness all year long. Even then, there’s some idiot out there that would argue over what color the melting pot would need to be before we mixed and blended the cultures of America.

I currently live in the American South. But, wait! Since I live in an area like that then I’m already labeled a white supremacist who supports white businesses only, burns crosses, and wants to annihilate the rest of the world with, what? A half a box of shotgun shells and a broke down tractor? A shovel and a hoe (garden tool – not loose woman). So today’s logic is : because one person or a few act ignorant, or I see ignorance on social media, television, and in real life from all groups of people, that means everybody of that hue and nationality must be ignorant?

Do the meek even want to inherit this Earth after humans are finished with it?

We need to promote equality for everyone. What psychopath or gaslighting narcissist would say, “no, equality only needs to be for this group or that group!” We need to peacefully protest and promote change and reform where inconsistencies and social injustices exist. Those that did not abide by the law should be prosecuted and sentenced. We need to promote unity with one another. The individual is going to have to be the change they want to see.

What would happen if us common folk broke the law like some celebrities, politicians, and athletes do or committed white collar crime like some of them have been known to do from time to time? They get out in two months? A year? Would we still be in prison?


Then, there’s the insane idea floating around that everybody deserves to have a trophy, medal, or high end position or business deal based on race and ethnicity. It’s like giving every soldier the Purple Heart, even the ones that ran away from their brothers and sisters during battle.

Take me, somebody who has a dream but is temporarily looking for stray dollar bills when he can find them. There’s people in the entertainment industry that have millions of dollars, a million plus followers, were born with a horseshoe up their, yeah, and are nowhere as close to being the writer that some of us currently are and are transforming into.

Since they have the money, the connections, the bots, and the algorithms on their side for the time being, do we whine about it (does this post count as a whine or a statement of fact?). Do we play the victim card? When I do not get my way, do I jump on the bandwagon and burn down half of my neighborhood? Do we play the race card? The socioeconomic card? Do we sit and sulk and complain and blame everything and everyone else in the world for our status and for our dreams not coming true? Or do we put up, shut up, and hustle day in and day out? Do we “sweep the leg”, earn that coin, inspire ourself first – then others, and do something about it now so our future has a different outcome?

People, who get their hands dirty, appreciate the fruits of their labors and learn more life lessons than those that are constantly handed things on a platter. People like us will maintain successful statuses longer once we get to the level that we desire to be at and, once we are there, our artistic mentality will never lose its sparkle or flavor. People like us will not require a teleprompter to read because we already know what common sense words need to be said.

I’m going to say this and prepare for your entire world to implode like a dying star and create a vacuum. White lives matter. Black lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. Pink pokey dotted lives matter. Even magenta lives matter. Some would ask, “do indigo lives matter?” My reply, “totally! Only a sociopath would say no!” (There currently exists one idiot out there that would complain about which color I typed first in my sentence structure and would have me reorder it – Warmest regards!).

Think about this one – all souls matter. Go hashtag and spread that message. No? Why? Because it makes too much sense? Because there’s no strife associated with it? No, here’s why – Divide and Conquer is the oldest strategy in the book, and for some stupid reason it still works today. Who are the fools trying to fool? Do you think they are winning or are we triumphing, as a society?

I say we stand up for injustices when they exist. If reform is needed, we stand together with class and dignity and strive for it. If a wrong has been committed against someone, there is not one side of color that outweighs the other. A wrong committed against anyone is a crime committed against humanity as a whole.

One day, instead of Jesus Christ descending through the clouds like most churches are expecting at any time, a big beastly meteor, the size of a tiny island, could head this way, and there will be no ‘saving the day’ like movies constantly portray. The mother of all resets will have arrived, and planet Earth can finally start over from scratch, yet again. Good luck finding an Armageddon crew to land on it and blow it up with all the current world distractions. The only thing we will be able to do on Earth is find a park bench and enjoy the view of our complete and utter destruction breaking through the upper atmosphere.

What? Does that sound too bleak?

So really, let’s be honest – go be the change that you want to see in the world – act like a decent human being – have your cell phone camera handy – and chase your dreams! All souls matter. All races matter. All ethnicities matter. If we cannot agree with that idea and join forces with people from all around the world in this global fight, it sounds like there’s a problem with the mirror’s reflection and not everyone else’s perceived reality.

I will not apologize for being white, underprivileged, liking Wu-Tang, chasing my dreams, and opposing federal income tax because it financially rapes blue collar families. The only time I will complain about being white is if someone forces me to listen to country music or if I sit out in the sun too long and get sun burned. Then I will complain! Maybe all day!

I like being a white American, and I accept it. I want you to like being you and accept it. I want us to go out into the world, lift one another up, chase our dreams together, make them a reality, and kick some ass in the process! If that doesn’t sound acceptable or justifiable or worth building a platform or movement around, your silhouette is going to grow really small in our rear view mirror. Common sense is contagious. You have to want to taste it first, though.

So, I ask you, “what color is the human soul?”

Your immediate response will be, “well, the soul is invisible! It’s what’s inside all of us, good or bad.”

“Exactly,” my reply would be.

You think for a second.

“Well, you said up above that if we don’t celebrate our races together, then we will become more and more invisible,” some replies will be. “So what’s the point to this post then?”

I grin.

“That’s for you to figure out,” my reply would be, “and we still have time.”

I hear a sound in the heavens. I look up.

“For now, at least!”

6 Replies to “What Color is a Soul?”

  1. Good read. Remember, ppl infiltraite peasefulll protests, start acting crazy, then it blemishes the entire movement. If we could discern peaceful ppl from rioteears, thatd be nice.

    Didnt see any grammar errors in yours. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

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