Dear Future Self,

Hey! You! One day you are going to need to read this. You are going to need to hear it from yourself. One day you are going to be at your breaking point. At a point when you look around and you feel lost. Familiar is not going to feel so familiar, and home is not going to feel like home anymore. You are going to look at your current town with the eyes of an outsider and see the sadness for what it truly is. Something is going to pull at you from the inside. You are going to need direction. So, in essence, I’m going to skip the formalities, sit down, and write you a future note from your past present self, for a time in need that has yet to befall you.

You need to be strong. Honestly! You do! The world needs people like you in it. More of it, actually. You are the backbone of what makes the world so beautiful. If you start to falter with the weight that is on your shoulders, I know you are going to feel like everything is going to crumble and collapse. I understand this feeling. Trust me! It’s okay to take a break and rest your back, arms, and legs from time to time. It’s okay to let someone else take the load for a day or two. Caretakers are very important, now more than ever. What people need to realize – “who is caring for the caretakers?” Be strong! I mean it! You will make it through.

Girl, I need you to strip away the makeup, look at the reflection, and ignore the mirror. Boy, I need you to leave the hair gel beside the beard brush and take a breath. The mirror does not matter. The mirror does not exist. The mirror is the world’s creation. It’s just another filter. The person looking back at us is what we are going to dissect.

That reflection can create ripples in the oceans of today. That reflection can create tsunami sized waves inside the puddles of tomorrow. That reflection is like a boulder being rolled over the side of a cliff and into a still pond. It will take hours for the water to level and calm. You are the boulder, not the water. Never forget that.

This world is going to crush your spirit. Oh my God, is it ever! It is going to crush it times two if you go against the flow! It is going to crush it times three if you try to chase your dreams and be the most original thing that you can possibly be – yourself! Don’t believe me? Hopefully you will never have to. Or maybe I take that back and say hopefully you will. If there is anything you deserve in this entire world, in this lifetime, it is to be loved for you being you. Don’t be a cookie cutter. They can, but you cannot.

Mediocrity is the wine of fools, and those glasses have been full for way too long.TM

You can think negatively. That is okay. That is normal. Do not feel like there is something wrong with you if an occasional negative thought rainclouds your sunny day. It is almost impossible to clear yourself from all negativity in today’s world, considering how dramatic everyone likes to be. Negativity starts to become a problem when you let it control you, your emotions, and your mindset. With some people, there will always be something wrong and things will never go their way. With others, there’s always sunshine, horseshoes, and rainbows beaming out of their arse’s. Listen to their words. Watch their actions. See how they carry themselves. That, in itself, is a free lesson for all of us.

We have information overload in today’s world. Most of it is senseless garbage. Some things are a required necessity. Some things cloud our judgment. Find the things that honestly move you and see how long they keep their flavor. Attach yourself to things that are constantly evolving. Just because they are not, it does not mean they are stagnant. Those things might be taking a breather just as we need to do from time to time. Let the second hand of the clock be the true determinate of what we deem as being worthy. You will know what is deserving of your time by the conversations you have with certain people and the after thoughts they leave. The right ones should leave you satisfied, breathless, and craving for more.

It is okay to miss things. To miss people. To miss who they used to be. To miss who they could become. To miss specifics from your past. Take a sigh of relief. You are not alone. That is normal. Nostalgia is a drug and can work one of two ways. It never hurts to create new forms of it for your future self to enjoy. There is not but so many past memories that can withstand the test of time. Those that do, never be ashamed of them. The good ones are like finding the right hand hold while rock climbing. We let other things go because we refuse to be anchored by the decisions of another person or our past. If those people want their boat to stay in place, let them. Me and you, it’s time to raise those sails and explore while we still can. The trip will be worth it. There’s hidden treasures to seek out.

Mistakes do not define you. I repeat, mistakes do not define you. Life gives you second chances. Third chances. Fourth chances, and so on. The only things that define you are the things you allow. You are special. You are never ignored. There’s someone out there that sees you, needs you, and wants you by their side. You are a work of fine art in progress. You are a chilly waterfall in the middle of a lush mountain range. You are the first snowflake of winter. You are the highest sand dune in the middle of the hottest desert. You are the brightest star in the sky. You are the most infinite capacity of what exists in the far reaches of outer space. You are someone else’s blessing.

Some people pray for miracles and, sometimes, they are answered. Others become the miracle so the few might believe. Regardless of what you do and do not believe, you are a miracle. Now, the real question is – when will you start believing it?

The bills could stack up. You could lose your job. You could be looking for a job. You could lose your house. You could starve. Your first marriage could end in divorce. Your second could too. You could go to college. Maybe you will not. You could go to college and not use your degree. You could dream and leave them inside your pillow case when you wake up. You could pursue your dreams and show the world what you are made of by making them a reality. Or at least try? Or you could give up. You could realize that you already are a manifested dream, and as long as you do not turn into your own nightmare, or someone else’s, then you have succeeded in life. You do have a choice. I think. Right?

You could fall in love with one person and stay with them your entire life. You could possibly never fall in love with anyone. You could fall in love with yourself first then go from there. Take your time. Steady your balance. It is okay. Be patient. Settle in for the long haul. The world needs you to be around for a while. Where others want to be question marks, you be a period. Your actions, let them be the exclamation point to the sentence of your life.

Some of you will have kids. Some of you will lose them. Some of you will be separated from them, not by your own design. Others will never have them or want to have them, and that is okay too. Your car could break down. Your family and friends, at some point in time, are going to die. The family pets will die too. You may get a sickness. You may always be healthy. In all these things, you need to realize that you are not alone. Reach out to someone if you need to. The right people are there for a reason.

The world could flood. Water could lick the tops of the highest mountains. The world could burn. Everything around us could scorch and embers could rain down from the heavens. Some religions would think hell was already seeping through from another parallel anyway. The sun could flare and scrape the earth from over ninety-three million miles away. An asteroid, (yes – my inevitable space rock), could come for a quick visit and break through the horizon. What are you going to do? Run? Hide? Cry? Complain? Act pitiful? Or are you going to suit up with me? Put your life jacket on? Grab your firefighter gear? Put on your gasoline boots? Maybe pray?

The end is inevitable, but what is the ending worth if you have never truly started your own story? TM

Future you, one day you will break. You will be exhausted. You will fall, and you will fail. You will want to give up. You will question everything that makes your life, your life. Your heart will break. You will miss something so much that your soul feels like dying. You will want to run away. You will want to disappear without a trace. You will want to destroy everything beautiful around you. You will question your beliefs and wonder why they seem like a lie. Your mind will start to turn. You will begin to hate yourself. You will want to act dramatic when all you need to do is this.

Breathe. Reground your inner core. Find a hug worth having. Love yourself. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. You are stronger than you ever thought was possible. You are an army of one. You are capable of great and extraordinary things. You take someone’s breath away every time you smile. You brighten someone else’s soul every time they see you. I ask you. No! I command you! Share the beautiful you with the world! You will make it through. You will succeed. You are already great so stop trying to be something you already are.

That day you thought about quitting but said, “what the hell, I’m already this far in, why stop now,” was the day destiny smiled on you, granted you entrance into an elite group of dreamers, and started aligning things so your manifestation would be even sweeter when it finally came.

You will make it, future self. You will make it and the sun will finally shine on your face in a non blinding way and all your friends will be there and they will have a celebratory party with you and you will cheers the night away and exchange smiles and good conversations and hugs as you share this experience with the ones that were there with you through the thick and thin.

So much depends on you not giving up! You hear me? Any fool can give up, but not everyone can keep fighting. Where others become cowards, you become brave.

We will hold this line, and we will not forget this struggle. Ever!

It made us who we are, and I’m damn proud of that person.

You should be too!

Tomorrow is a today that a lot of people did not get to have, and today is the biggest blessing of the week. TM

Embrace that!


Your Past Present Self.

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