Mr. Durden,

I write to you now, behind my large tiny screen, to tell you I love you. I know very few men of courage and faith as you and I am honored to call you my friend and brother (even though you don’t like mayonnaise, I mean how you gonna have fry sauce without delicious mayonnaise?) Anyways, I enjoyed your article this week, it was raw, true and insightful that made you think about what you believe or don’t believe. Too many people today are sheep of all the wrong color to all the wrong slaughter for what reason! WE need to lead, WE need to be conscious now, detach from the screens, engage in life, look under the rock that’s in front of us before we fall. What is it going to take Sir?! Continue on, be noble, be brave, be smart, don’t let the muck of this generation stick to your soles (soul). WE are better than THEY ever imagined, THEY will always undermine and underestimate US. Keep the faith. Write. Write like your dreams and faith depended on it. Don’t stop. EVER.

DCM 4 Life

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“I enjoy reading your blog. You share personal experiences with a different perspective or ask a new question. Your style is refreshing and insightful, entertaining and interesting. After reading your blog, I think about it for hours. You are a writer with a story.”

– Linda H. –

* * * * * * * * * *

“I look forward to each post. Every post, I walk away with something… a memory, a laugh, a wow – I can’t believe he said that, lol, a tear, or I want to be better or do better or change something. The posts are heartfelt and genuine. I love it.”

– Amy H. –

* * * * * * * * * *

“I would like to start out by saying that I have known Vernon ever since I was a shy little teenager. I did not have the slightest clue how talented he was and how his writing would affect me years down the road. 

That being said let’s fast forward ten plus years! That’s about how long it was before we crossed paths again. The universe or God or whatever it may be has a way of making sure that the people you need are in your life and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Vernon’s writing and what it means to me and how it has affected me personally… Let me start by saying, when I read his work I can feel the passion behind it. Every single week I look forward to a new post like I used to wait for a new episode of my favorite show to come out on tv (before you could just binge watch a whole season in one sitting). 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes when I read his work it’s almost like he is reading my mind and writing my thoughts down but making them 1,000 times better than I could have expressed them. Taking fantasies, dreams, fears, etc and putting them into perfect stories for me to read. 

Then there’s blogs that make me think about things in a whole different perspective… His work surprises me every week. I can truly say that I get lost in his writing… it’s an escape of sorts for me… no matter what kind of day or week it’s been, I know when I get to sit down and read his work it is my time to immerse myself into his writing, drown out reality, and let his words transport me into whatever world he has set the scene for that week. It is something that I look forward to and something I can connect with. 

He is not limited to one style of writing and I think that is yet one more thing that sets him apart. His range is incredible. From thought provoking, to dark, sexy, light hearted, futuristic, and everything in between – I have laughed, cried, and tried to wrap my brain around some of the things that made me go hmm… 

Vernon and his writing is like one of the best kept secrets… but I honestly think it’s time for the world to know just how amazing he is. He deserves to be recognized for his remarkable talent.”

– Amy D. –

* * * * * * * * * *

“I think Vernon’s blogs are scathingly brilliant, and we are witnessing the development of a writing giant in the literature and poetry realms!”

– Alan Brown, Manuscript Editing Solutions, llc. –

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