My Goal

What is so attractive about the invisible thread that connects the reader and the writer?

I am a Southern writer whose adolescence was spent on a dusty dirt road. I am currently pursuing my dreams and documenting specific things I observe in the everyday world. I will be showcasing my fictional and nonfictional style while exploring universal truths concerning life, love, hope, and the human condition. On this journey, I hope we can stand side by side, face the sun, and let our shadows fall behind us.

I hope each one of my blog posts are an inspirational adventure that all people can enjoy. I have nothing to sell but free experiences, with no advertisements or commercial interruptions, and I hope I can repay your valuable reading time by entertaining you. Whether we laugh, cry, rub our foreheads, or vent, I am glad to be here and would be honored if you joined me on each adventure.

Feel free to come beyond the velvet rope with me.

Are you ready?

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