My Second Short Film Trailer + Delayed Premiere

Over the past four months, I have been diligently working on the sequel to my first short film. I lost three weeks of editing and promotion time due to a work related accident (click to read previous post titled “Don’t Look Down” : an unfortunate allegory) and had to postpone the release.

Now, here we are, finally, and I am very excited about this experience.

The title of the sequel is Inside Out, and it will conclude the two part film in a way that will bring closure for some viewers while raising questions for others. Inside Out was filmed in black and white like its counterpart but contains a little splash of color in spots where I thought the film needed it. I incorporated a wide range of cinematographic details and camera angles into the new sequel and will be publishing this short film under my 3 Castl3s Film brand.

I was going to post the film on my 3 Castl3s Film YouTube Channel at the latter part of this month, but I stumbled across an in-state film festival that caught my eye. They will not accept film entries if they have been publicly broadcasted in the United States, so that is why I’m having to delay the premiere yet again. When the film is submitted, they will let the filmmaker know by the end of June if their feature film has been invited to be part of the film festival.

This is where I currently stand, and I look forward to the possibility of being accepted. If not, I am going to keep walking forward while enjoying a modified premiere and release date.

An aspect of Inside Out that made it different, challenging, yet more enjoyable than my first film was the fact that I got to collaborate with a coworker/friend of mine – the inevitably wonderful Destiny A. My new film is narrated from the perspective of a female ghost, and her voice embodies this specific character. The viewer will be able to witness the struggle of this wandering specter as she haunts her living lover while being imprisoned in her realm.

Her lover’s side of the story is told in the first film, Upside Down, and contains some of the same themes as the upcoming sequel. Both films compliment one another in the most mind bending way, and one can make the connections when listening to how their memories haunt each other in heart-breaking reciprocation.

After I finished the task of writing the script, it took a coupe of weeks to record the narration with Destiny A. We went through each spoken line sentence by sentence and omitted some of the things that was unnecessary to their story. We laughed at the blunder of being imperfect human beings when some of her words wanted to twist, the task of re-recording it without any more bloopers being harder than some can imagine.

We succeeded in some places and, at other points, we failed and shrugged it off through laughter. My first reading room as a developing writer was everything I needed it to be and, truth be told, I cannot wait for my next one if the moment calls for it!

Even though the film is not perfect, I believe it is better than its predecessor. This process has pushed me to improve in certain areas of my filmmaking considering I have always admired good narration. My infatuation with this art form started when I saw Fight Club for the first time and has continued since. I am a stickler for pointing out good art direction, writing, and cinematography when a scene is beautiful in regards to its point of view.

So, my lovely adventurers, the trailer for the film is ready for viewing and directly correlates to the first trailer. All that’s left is enjoying the wave I’m currently riding after a very upending accident cost me my entire month of April.

I appreciate all of you. I appreciate your support. I appreciate your word of mouth advertisement. I appreciate your shares. I appreciate your messages. Most of all, I appreciate your time. I do not take a single second for granted. I hope all of your dreams are coming true as our world continues to spin into the void.

Cross your fingers, send up good energy, or say a prayer about my entry into the in-state film festival. Even if it doesn’t work out, I think it is worth a shot. It has taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, but I told myself I would not give up and continue to be relentless.

I’ve come this far. It would be a shame to stop now.

Until then!


Stay safe and keep your head up!

Inside Out Trailer


* Inside Out Short Film Premiere / Special Early Viewing *

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