This blog revolves around the interpersonal connection between the reader and the writer. I will share goals I have set for myself as I pursue my dream of becoming a published author and reveal childhood memories of a life spent on a dusty dirt road. No matter where my blog posts are read and shared, I hope each one is an inspirational adventure that all people can enjoy.

This blog is not just about a Southern boy and the thrill of him chasing his dream. I plan on writing about the things that I observe in the everyday world and showcasing my fictional and nonfictional style along the way. I will uncover some hidden mysteries when it comes to life, love, faith, hope, and the human condition and, hopefully, we can inspire one another to be our better selves as we stand side by side, face the sun, and let our shadows fall behind us.

I have nothing to sell but free experiences, with no advertisements or commercial interruptions, and I hope I can repay your valuable reading time by entertaining you. Whether we laugh, cry, rub our foreheads, or vent, I am glad to be here with you and would be honored if you joined me on this adventure.

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