Make a Night Out

This past weekend. What can I say. Really!

Friday night, I was lounging on the sofa in my boxers, browsing through my latest dating app. Swipe left for this response. Swipe right for that effect. Instant message these ladies and see what they are about. Video chat with them if they consent. Feel free to answer this questionnaire. Profile pictures to sift through. Paragraphs of likes and dislikes to filter with my eyes, hoping the right choice lands next to my heart, much less other places, and tickles it. I scrolled until my eyes burned. I eventually gave up.

Frustrated and in need of a distraction, I put on my headphones and listened to my playlists. An impulse shot through my head. An idea. A break from my everyday norm. A way around the algorithms and clockwork of today’s predictable world of now. I wanted a moment like the movies constantly portray, and I was going to try my damnedest to achieve it. I wanted to experience that feeling of when the guy, me, locks eyes with that special girl, her, and an instant connection is granted by the universe.

I browsed the internet for the nearest hot spot and located it. This place was the creme de la creme of nightclubs, and anyone, for the right price, could reserve a table near the dance floor and enjoy having a personal waitress. The renaissance looking building changed themes each month and was currently renovated to look like the inside of an ancient king and queen’s palace.

According to the pictures, the club was going to be filled with laser lights, fog machines, white drapes, greenery, and an atmosphere that compared to no other club around. They were going to have a renowned DJ playing various kinds of music tomorrow night, so I did what anyone in my situation would do, an anyone who was in search of that one moment that would last a lifetime. I booked a reservation, closed my dating apps for the night, and went to bed.

For some strange reason, I decided to go alone to the club the next night. I did not want a wingman slinging his business in front of mine and blocking me, and I did not want to go with a crowd and distract me from my end goal. I wanted to be that guy you see in the movies, the guy who is sitting alone, dressed to a T, looking to mingle with that one special single. I wanted to be the one in the building that was too hot to handle but warm enough to snuggle up to for a couple of dances.

They valeted my car at the front door, and I was able to bypass the line since I had made reservations. Security scanned their clipboard list for my name and found it. They looked at me in a weird way, unfastened the red velvet rope, and allowed me entrance into my play land for the night. People stared at me like I was some type of celebrity even though I knew I was a mere nobody. I played the part anyway, considering I was dressed in fine linens and had my hair pasted for a night of plunderous foreplay, and strutted my way to the doors.

I could hear the bass from the speakers rumbling and thumping from inside the thralls of my newly discovered palace. When the doors opened and I was granted entrance, I looked behind me. Everyone was staring to see if they could catch a peak of what was happening on the inside. I smiled to myself. I felt special. I felt like tonight was going to be the night. I let the nightlife absorb me like a warm blanket that you take out of the dryer and immediately curl up in. I needed this, and I knew there had to be one lucky girl in this building who was going to fulfill my fantasy.

An attendant led me to my table. Strobe lights went off to the beat of the music and was followed with different colored laser beams. The DJ was on an elevated platform and was spinning decent remixes. Fog machines lightly exhaled a dense haze amongst the people littering the dance floor.

Other patrons of the night were huddled at the bars that lined almost every wall. Some people turned and looked at me as I was led through the room by a Queen Cleopatra look-a-like. I felt like royalty. I guess you could say the scenery fit the situation.

I ordered a Grey Goose on the rocks with two limes and sat back in my ivory white booth. Black lights illuminated the seats, drapes, and people’s attire and, combined with the other house lights, I felt like I was in a land of dreamlike noir. People were laughing and drinking. Friends were having a good time and making memories. Strangers were grinding on the dance floor.

I absorbed these observations for a couple of songs until something started to happen. This something was special. This something was an object I had wished for. This something was sent for me and only me, and I embraced it like a freshly ironed napkin unfolding in my lap before a nice meal.

On the left side of the dance floor, a girl was lipping her martini, swaying to the music. Her eyes were fixated on me as I sat alone in my private booth. I watched numerous guys walk by and try to swoon her for a drink and a dance, but she ignored them and put her attention on me. I stared at her because she looked lonely, vulnerable, and terrifying all wrapped into one. I was intrigued. My curiosity was peaked in a way that no app could duplicate much less simulate. I wanted real life electric sex and not some dingy cell phone screen trying to turn me on.

I started to realize that this club was going to be our movie set and what was about to happen to us, what she was about to unleash on me, what she was about to slowly bring my way, was going to be our private porno to replay in our brains for the weeks to come.

Then, the unthinkable started to happen. The DJ put on a fresh track, a song I was familiar with. I started bobbing my head to the beat. By my curious stranger’s response, this girl, that had dropped out of the sky and into my throng of unpredictability, knew the tune as well. She placed her empty glass on a passing waitress’ tray and commenced to dance her way over to me.

*cue song*

Chromatics – Cherry

With each pump of the beat, she would twirl around in circles and thrust her body into fluid motion. She ran her fingers through her hair, down her sides, in between her thighs, and around her backside. She hit the ground low then came back high for a move that I’ve only seen a snake perform when crawling across the hot desert ground. At one point in the song, she made direct eye contact with me, mouthed a finger, inched closer and closer, and jiggled her hips in retro-like fashion.

The closer in proximity that she got to my table, the more she started to unravel. I would be lying if I said I was not turned on. It was like the most desirable girl in the entire club was making her way over to me, and nothing was going to stand in her way.

She giggled a couple of times when performing her ritualistic motions, and her improvisational melee made me giggle. Everyone else around us ceased to exist, and it was like we had the entire palace to ourselves, minus the DJ and beams of rainbow laser lights and strobes. The black lights illuminated her white attire, making my personal dance ten times more provocative than anyone could possibly imagine.

By the song’s end, she was standing in front of me. I had already stood, adjusted my pants, and was swaying my hips and twirling my fists in the air. She enjoyed the reciprocation of me moving in the vibe with her. She realized that making herself feel vulnerable made me want to feel vulnerable with her. Somehow, we connected during the song, and there was nothing in the world that was going to release us from this magnetism. Our story had just begun.

We stood eye to eye and shied our glances from one another. She bit her lower lip and ran her tongue over it. I scratched my facial hair with the backside of my fingers. She nodded toward my special booth for the night.

“You going to invite a little girl to come sit with you?”

I waved her into my space. Where were my manners? I was dumbfounded. Thunderstruck. Glued to the honey sticky fabric that made this girl who she was.

“Oh, by all means. Please! It’s the least I could do considering what you have already done for me.”

She sat beside me and looked at things from my vantage point.

“What is this about me doing something for you, lover boy?”

I cleared my throat. The song changed. The waitress came up and took our drink order. The mystery girl pointed to my glass and finished her sentence.

“I’ll have what he is having.”

She smiled and nodded at me. I ordered for her.

“Grey goose on the rocks with two limes.”

My response surprised her. She held her hand up to her mouth and giggled.

“Somebody is looking to get turned out tonight, huh?”

I laughed before replying.

“I guess so!”

She leaned back in her seat. I felt like I had known her longer than I could remember. I could tell that she felt comfortable in my presence. She was drawn to me. She realized, as I did, that we were two nighttime strangers who were meant to find their own selves by finding one another first.

“Now! Back to your statement! What is this about me doing something for you?”

I blushed under the black lights but she could not tell.

“If I told you, you would not believe me.”

She glanced at me and gave me that stare. It closely resembled that look of when you tell someone that you have a surprise for them and they try everything in their power to convince you into giving them clues about what you have prepared. It resembled a look that one would receive in the wee hours of the morning, a look that cries out for immediate attention. It was a look of unrestrained curiosity.

“Try me! I might have a story to tell you after you finish telling me yours. Stranger things have happened, wouldn’t you say?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“I guess so!”

Laser beams cut across her body and legs. I studied her short skirt and see thru stockings. Her tank top hung on her shoulders. A long necklace fell between her breasts. A faint fog passed the air around us. The waitress brought over our drinks of liquid burn. We tapped the brim of our glasses together for a salute and stared at one another during our first sip. She made a funny face as did I.

“Last night, I was lounging on my couch, scrolling through a dating app. I got bored. I realized that I needed to experience something. I needed to feel something real! I wanted to be that person that you see in a movie scene and everything around him freezes like an icicle.”

She studied me. It was as though I had said something that she was not expecting. Her look of awe and innocence slowly transformed into a comfortably sinister grin. I began to think to myself, have I dreamt this? Is this a dream? Am I still on my couch, fast asleep? Is this real?

“I would ask you to pinch me because this, all of this, you, this club, your dance, the music, everything, just seems like it is too good to be true. I feel like I don’t deserve to be here. Like this moment is too good for me to own and is meant for someone with more money, better looks, and a bigger entourage. Someone who is…”

a break in my voice

“…more special than me. You know?”

The girl stared at me as though I had read some story from within the confines of her very own soul. She looked at me like I had read her personal diary out loud, her special book that she secretly hides under her pillow, away from the eyes of everyone else. She displayed a cute compassion that bled over into her next statement.

“You want to know what I was doing last night, lover boy?”

I sipped my drink, sat it down, and looked at her in excited desperation. I sensed that she had felt similar emotions. We ignored everything that currently surrounded us even though the music and lights were pushing us closer and closer together. Her knee cap bumped mine but she left it there. I felt a spark. She did too.

“Yeah! Tell me!”

She cleared her throat.

“Well, just as you were doing, I was lounging on my couch, sipping a glass of wine, scrolling through my dating app. I was bored. The guys up there are typical and, before long, all their profiles start blending together. A girly giddiness started to grow over me. Then an idea popped into my head as I sat there.”

She scooted closer to me and demanded my attention like a predator. It was as though she were a red tailed hawk perched in a tree, homing in on a field mouse, which was me.

“I know there’s nothing that glamorous about me. I’m just an ordinary girl who wishes for extraordinary things, things that I know are never going to happen but I still dream about them. I’ve always wanted to be the unconditional center of someone else’s universe, but they always find a way to abuse that privilege when it comes to treating me like I need to be treated.”

I looked at her. Even though I barely knew her, the honest openness that existed between our souls would make us go to war together, tonight, in this club if need be.

“Oh, come on now. You have to give yourself more credit than that. You certainly got my attention, and that was before the dance.”

She looked at me with eyes that cry for an affection that will push her down, hold her down, and surround her like an unbearable oxygen that she needs in order to breathe and live. I continued with my line.

“Don’t doubt yourself. I’m glad to be here, in this moment, with you.”

She grinned, shook her head at me, and cut me off.

“You didn’t let me finish my story.”

She smiled. The black lights made her teeth and eyes glow. I nodded for her to continue.

“As I sat there, alone in my cold house, hugged in my blanket, I dreamed of being that girl that could find a man, a single man, an attractive man, a man that entered the club and sat down, alone, at one of the most expensive tables in the entire place. I wanted to lock eyes with this man. I wanted him to notice me, like really notice me. I wanted to dance my way over to him and his table and for him to offer me a place to sit and make me his queen for the night. I wanted this man to be chivalrous and kind and gentle and honest with his words. I wanted this man to be, well…”

a break in her voice


I looked at her and she looked at me. I would have slowly taken my fingers, rubbed them over her cheek, and pulled a couple of strands of hair around her ear if my actions would not have made her feel uncomfortable considering I was a stranger. I bet her lips taste like cotton candy bubble gum, I think. I bet her neck smells like a sweaty tropical fruit basket. I bet her naked body shines like a full moon trying to peak through the closed blinds of a dark room.

I asked her the inevitable question.

“Well, did you find what you were looking for?”

She giggled, hit my shoulder, and reached for her drink. She looked my way, the way that only a woman knows how to do. She returned the inevitable question back to me.

“Well, did you?”

I scrunched my lips and nodded my head up and down without responding. I looked at her with a slightly open mouth because I did not know what to say. She looked at me with her glossy lips, and I noticed the sparkles that were embedded on them. She lipped the brim of her glass and took a small sip. I grew jealous of her glass.

She reached for my hand when the DJ spun another fresh track that me and her recognized at the same time. She got excited. Her excitement made me happy.

“Oh, oh, oh, I love this song. You have to come dance with me! Please, please, please! For me?”

I leaned back and grinned.

“I’m not that good of a dancer. You have been warned. I do not want to ruin this date considering it is playing out just as I dreamt it would.”

She sipped her drink once more, sat it on the table, and stood. Her clothes glowed. Her hair looked like angelic tinsel. Her attire turned me on just by how she wore it. She held her palm out to me.

“You will be a good dancer with me. I’ll show you the right moves. I promise! Okay? Just like a scene from a movie. Me and you. Right?”

I grabbed her hand and stood. She rubbed her thumb over my fingers and snuck in. She empowered me just by her skin touching mine. She led me to the dance floor. I gently pulled her back to me. We stood face to face, toes to toes, chest to chest, and exchanged breaths. Lights bounced off of us. The intro of our song lead into the first verse.

*cue song*

BRONSON – HEART ATTACK (feat. lau.ra)

“What if I told you that I have dreamt of this night for so long that I do not want it to end?”

She grinned at me and took a step closer. She answered without thinking.

“Who says it has to?”

Me and her walked to the dance floor, hand in hand, two strangers who desired to make a night out of the things that real dreams are created out of. We were two kindred spirits in search of one another, two people who could start a flame that could never be explained or extinguished. For us, we were going to experience a real fantasy and bring it to life by our own power and design.

As the song played, our surroundings evaporated and blended into the strobing colors that bounced off every surface. For the night, me and her had one another, and it seemed as though we were put in each other’s path for a reason. It felt like we were two pieces of a crazy puzzle. It felt like we were meant to find one another and fit together, whether it was for one night or an entire lifetime.

I was merely a boy who wanted to feel special.

She was a girl who wanted to be noticed.

Together, we were a couple who was going to grow closer and closer with each waning minute, on a night filled with limitless possibilities.

For the night, our app was the world, and there was only one way to scroll.

That way was closer together until the light between our bodies could no longer be seen.

Dimmer and dimmer it was going to grow until it shone no more.

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