Dear Diary,

Is this where I have to run so I can be completely honest with myself? Do I have to fluff my three pillows and down comforter and lay my body … Continue reading Dear Diary,

Why Ask Why?

My second born son – where do I begin? He was delivered to us some time ago, a forever that was only yesterday, by cesarian section. The day before his … Continue reading Why Ask Why?

But, Still!

The first person to shave away all their pubic hair – what were they thinking? Did they just wake up one morning, sip a cup of coffee, turn on the … Continue reading But, Still!

The Second Hand

There was this boy. He grew up in the rural South. He drank Pepsi Cola from glass bottles. He ate Nabs. He worked in tobacco fields at the age of … Continue reading The Second Hand

One Year Blog-iversary

Interviewer : Hello Vernon. It’s nice to have you with us today. Thank you for being here. Vernon : Glad to be here. Honored, honestly. Interviewer : So, you have … Continue reading One Year Blog-iversary

Thankful For What?

As Thanksgiving week dawns upon us, I think back over the past several months. I have seen things and people around me go from being oblivious, to being scared, to … Continue reading Thankful For What?


: something that happens because of certain circumstances, although it was not planned by anyone. Out of anything that you could be doing right now, out of anything that you … Continue reading happenstance

Southern Shadows Gothic

Finally, the sunrise. The light awakens me. It permeates the cracks of the blinds. It stabs my blackout curtains with prison shanks. I hear the neighbor’s rooster. The birds begin … Continue reading Southern Shadows Gothic

Want to go to my Room?

Do you remember being young and playing in your room? It was your end zone touchdown. It was one place where you were invisible to the fiery darts of the … Continue reading Want to go to my Room?

This Is Where It Began

Life as a writer starts with a blank page. I let my fingers rattle the top of the computer keys without actually hitting them. I close my eyes and disappear … Continue reading This Is Where It Began