I Reflect Me

(I looking at looking me)

I pull at me's skin with a blunt edge called life, 
leaving a scrape on the surface of us, and wonder,
while looking at me, why I would do that to we.

*the mark on my soul slowly disappears*

Me looks at I standing outside our reflective shell
and shakes my head at I, me wondering why I
cannot love me more than I already tries to do.


I feel the fingers of darkness, rapping bony 
phalanges on the blade of me's shoulder.
I shudder as me looks around for this specter.

*tap, tap, tap, tap*

Me has seen I in many different stages of life -
naked, crying, happy, confused, sad, joyous - and
there's nothing a muted me can do but stare at I.


I love winter because, when me stands in the sun, 
I feel the warmth and willingly let me absorb the 
distant, life giving, bright reflective on our skin.

*this specific heat makes me feel young and alive*

Me's eyes burn when I stands in the sun, but me 
knows if I does not, then me will never feel it or see 
I's lonely shadow standing next to me on the ground.


Sometimes I forget about me by putting they first,
constantly, and I and me, the we, disappear into 
the passing days as I begin to lose touch with me.

*a soft echo comes from somewhere*

Me watches I whenever me can because me knows I 
better than anyone, which says a lot about me.
Me has been with I, the us, just as long as God has.


I let it in, a feminine she, me's intrigue - her,
and know, by the end of time to time, her will lock 
with me, I into she, we inside us, invisible.

*a waning light projects shadows on dark walls*

When me encounters her, objective, I entangle she,
subjective, and discover an its, possessive, that us 
never knew until we combined personal pronouns.

I observe the world's gaps, tiredly avoiding, 
but there are not but so many rocks me can kick 
before I decide to move on and carry me away.

*the sound of a shoe sole scrapping asphalt*

Me tries to love I more when me thinks I is 
about to break, when all me wants is for I to 
have added trust in me's journey that only I can take.


If I think about me too long, then I start to
question me because I do not know if the inner 
me is completely fulfilling the outer I or if...

*my mirrored doppelgänger taps back*

...the outer me is really satisfying the inner I
because nobody knows I better than me or listens 
to me better than I, together a combined we and us.


When I look at other people's me, I wonder
if my me looks at other people's I's and
sees their they's like we see our ours?

*somewhere, a me scratches an I's head*

Me enjoys when I looks at other people's me's
because we, collective us, can see the intent 
of their, collective they and them's, heart.


I enjoy spending time with me, even when me has
had enough with I, because, in our darkest hours, 
we, I and me, are the only army us, me and I, have.

*a flutter, as an I stirs a me*

The first time me saw I, me knew I would push
forward when me needed a break and I had energy
or when I was tired and me was not giving up.


We, I and me, sometimes are at odds, but,
we, I and me, end up forgiving one another
because we, I and me, come from similar stardust.

*a me forces an I to smile*

Us, me and I, likes to feel the natural while
us, me and I, conjugates together peaceful while
us, me and I, embraces the unknown of our bliss.


I likes to talk to me and, sometimes, me talks
back to I even though I do not want to hear
what me has to say to I, viewpoint considering.

*I puts hands in pockets, 
me moves fingers in them*

Me listens when I talks but sometimes I does not
like what me has to tell I because us knows we
better than I or me would like to admit.


The feminine she that I look at, her smiles back 
at me, and me knows that her's she intrigues I, 
and she's her reciprocates that to I's me.

*my heart - pitter patter, pitter patter*

When I is near she, me can see her for everything
she is to I, and me feels like I have known her for
years though they or them cannot see she like us.


One day, I will be a ghost, and me's memories 
will be left behind with hers or his, times
when we took moments to fully enjoy the us that...

*I releases a tear - me wipes it away*

...me and I were when us or we reflected together 
and conquered the world, us hiding from the evil 
they or them sent to I, he, she, me, him, and her.


I remember she, me her, we us, he she, her him, 
holding onto that which made me feel alive,
us together as we walk side by side because...

*a beam of sunlight breaks the clouds*

...me knows that her reflects she, I reflect me, and
they will try to make us forget about we, when 
them realizes that the projection crumbles, slowly.

* b l o o m *
* w i l t *

Can I exist without me, even when I lead me to
believe that the unreal was real by making we
believe that something happened when it did not?

*lukewarm washes over I to me, we to us*

Can me exist without I, even when me led I to
believe that the real was unreal by making us
believe something did not happen when it did?

* b l o o m *
* w i l t *

I confuse me clarifies I trusts me questions I
convinces me doubts I loves me hates I finds me 
loses I thinks me forgets I discovered...

*cold washes over me to I, us to we*

...me buried I smile me frowns I helps me hurts
I carries me drags I pushes me pulls I digs me buries
I reflects me mirrors I sees me saw I seen me see.

              * l i f e *

I will always be me even when me doesn't want 
to be I, and there's nothing me can do when I 
wants me to be I and accept the I with the me...

*we, us, touches the mirror, together*

...and the me with the I even when the me in
I sees the me for all the I is as the me pushes
the I into the me and the me outside the I.  

I *reflect* me *reflect* I.

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