These Three Words

She shivers and 
delivers misty breaths
as she cries 
and tears ride
down her cheeks,
onto her chest.

He stammers and
hammers his fists
into the ground
with bloody sounds
as he thinks
over his mistakes.

They dream and
seem to be 
okay on the 
outside when their 
insides are wilting 
away silently incomplete.
A baby cries
as another dies,
knowing the heart
beat will not
depart from those
who heard it. 

What have we
lost while thinking
what we thought
about the ideas
we sought with
eyes wide shut?

It's coming together
and falling apart
and I know 
we'll weather fresh
starts with brave 
endings once again. 
That boy met
that girl with
wet eyes and
he tried to 
dry them with
scarred, shaky hands.

She took his
mistakes and opened
the gates to
the man she
saw when no-one
else was looking.

Happy they walked
while loving they
talked away fears
that once plagued
their minds, clear,
now free again.  
Where will we
go when we
know the way
to be okay
as we journey
side by side.

Rain showers will
fall and empower
the spirits within
as our words
umbrella our hands 
together, once again.

Stubborn feelings, these
buildings I lease,
a bitter tease
to be near
that one person 
you love blindly.  
Let these words 
rapture and capture
the verses blank,
inside our army 
tank body, steel 
skin and bones.

One day it
will be gone,
all the songs
we sang to
find the place
we both belong.

Our restless souls
stir and memories
blur as time
passes and the 
masses fly tattered
flags, weather beaten.  
The lines could
roll and never
grow old and
never repeat as
we slowly walk
into defeat and
remember the times
when we were
young and carefree,
knowing Christmas was
coming and life
would be okay.

One day we
will die and
walk into the
dark or the
light while remembering
the things we
read or saw,
that made us
feel tall and
proud of who
we were and
what we became
when we ignored
the mirror and
focused on the
image within ourselves.

One day we
will be okay
and free to 
live a life
worth living and
know deep inside 
our soul that
we tried our
best to fill
the holes that
the world put
there by digging
with a shovel
that only stung
if I let
it, and I
did, sometimes, but
not anymore because
I am concrete.
Lies permeate the
air, launched rockets
without a mission,
me standing here
wishing that my
pockets were deeper
so I could
hide inside them
when the world
wants to gaslight
and start empty 
fights because we
want to live 
a life not 
worth living and 
not the other
way around, silent
is the crowd.

The feeling creeps 
in on everyone, 
when home no
longer feels like 
home, standing strong
with steel toed 
boots, feeling wrong
for making a 
cut through where
a dead end 
always existed, never
looking back when
the train derails
on the track,
chugging into the
unknown of the
far horizon while
lugging precious cargo.

There are specific 
things in life
that will try
their best to 
give you strife, 
a constant mess
because their rooms
are cluttered, packed,
muttered, and stressed,
hoping they will 
ring the bell
and make you 
salivate while making 
your life hell 
and put you
on trial like
a probate for
being happy while
they convict their
own chained happiness.
When you read 
the title you
were probably led
by a bridle
to think we'd
discuss love inevitable.

These three words,
I love you,
for some, turns
into three swords, 
I hate you,
burning the darkness.

Decisions turn into
incisions, the cut
slowly opening and
closing, the glitch 
stitching itself together
from outside infected.
What happens when
I love you
turns into I
wish you'd die,
knowing all the 
while we don't
mean it but
we try to 
make our hearts
believe it when
all we need 
to do is 
exist as our 
better self and
not the bittersweet
version people avoid.

One day when
the world turns
to ash and
words no longer
bash our glass
hearts against bricks
or slash our
tired wrists with
dull razors, hoping
we finally give
in and believe
the empty lies 
that the world
feeds us as
other people spoon
the toxins into 
their mouth without 
looking at the
chef and dish
before consuming it.  
What three words
would comfort you
during this time
where there is
no reason or
rhyme and truths 
are a dime
a dozen, like
buying eggs at
the grocery, realizing
at home that
two are cracked?

Don't give in.
Forgive your sins.
Don't give up.
Life is luck.
Figure it out.
Whisper, don't shout.
Quit staring down.
Instead, look around.
Fight the future.
Be the suture
the world needs. 
Manifest the dream.
Help others believe.
Things are not
what they seem.
Love is blind.
So is hate.
So is jealousy.
Which one latches
your soul's gate?
These three words.
The echo remains.
One day, fill 
in the blanks.
It's time you 
take back control
of the open 
ended phrases of
your precious soul.
You are not
a mistake so
put the red
pen away, grab
the highlighter, and
scan the worn
pages of your
life for the
true test that
all people are
being handed yet
choose to fail
when it's so
easy to pass.

The test does
not await us.
It is here 
now, breathing, reading
words on a 
screen, wanting to
feel free because
its heart deciphers 
what it sees?

These Three Words.

Spread them around!
Wear your crown!
Hear the sound.
One in a
crowd, standing proud,
finger taps louder
than any gun, 
uncovering the shroud 
that blanketed his
eyes, until now.

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Sir Sly – Material Boy

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