Regardless of Regardless

I am truly blessed,
regardless of current events,
regardless of my bank account,
regardless of the weather,
regardless of regardless.

I am happy,
regardless of my mistakes,
regardless of my past,
regardless of my overcomplicating things,
regardless of regardless.

What are you,
regardless of regardless?

You can get sad,
regardless of your joy,
regardless of your hopefulness,
regardless of your miracles bestowed,
regardless of regardless.

You can be emotional,
regardless of your lack thereof,
regardless of your impulsivity,
regardless of your re-grounding,
regardless of regardless.

Why are you,
regardless of regardless?

We are in this together,
regardless of their subliminal division of us,
regardless of our subliminal division of we,
regardless of my subliminal division of me,
regardless of regardless.

We are in this together,
regardless of race,
regardless of political status,
regardless of social caste,
regardless of religion,
regardless of orientation,
regardless of nationality,
regardless of regardless. 

Where are you,
regardless of regardless?

Time always amazes me,
regardless of its quickness,
regardless of its mind games,
regardless of its never-ending,
regardless of regardless.

Time sometimes upends me,
regardless of the confusion,
regardless of the complicated,
regardless of the understanding, 
regardless of the regardless.

When are you,
regardless of regardless?


You know what means
the world to me,
regardless of regardless?

Everything would be too
cliche of an answer,
so why not provide a
pleased elaboration?

I appreciate honest affection.
Real life attraction.
The arithmetic of love.
The language of lovers.
The dividends of work.
The collision of thought.

I enjoy random texts 
from friends
unscheduled visits
from family members,
my soul lighting up
regardless of
how dim it
may appear.

I savor my warm
cup of coffee
combined with
a good sunrise
or an early morning flurry
of tiny white flakes
falling from the sky. 

Regardless of regardless,
no matter what shape
my pantry is in,
it is a blessing to have one
in the first place.

I appreciate living in a great
nation that they 
are trying 
to depreciate on a 
constant basis.

I enjoy scrolling on social
media and seeing my
lists' version of what
art means to them
while taking a break
from my own. 

I love cooking
Saturday morning
It gets me through
my week,
every week,
until my dream 
becomes my job,
if it ever does,
hope battling doubt
since the dawn of man. 

Regardless of regardless,
these things make
my heart vibrate.

I honor observing
a true mother's love
for her child, 
and I can understand 
us questioning God
if a parent loses a child
or a child loses a parent
early on in their life.

You cannot have a 
with something
or someone
unless you ask questions,
regardless of regardless,

I respect nature,
and enjoy watching the birds
eat from my bird feeders,
especially if cold weather is 
on the way or 
fresh snow has fallen.

I miss having a last day of school
before a summer break
because nobody warned us in
high school that grown up life
was going to be, well, 
not as fun as the television
made it out to be.

Regardless of regardless,
maybe technology is
not the answer
we need to get back
to appreciating
grandma's handmade 
flour bread instead 
of some strangers 
pin on a board,
no matter how delicious
some of the pinned recipes 
turn out to be.

I wish we could go back 
to the days when
it was harder for just
anyone with a cell phone 
to become famous
or infamous,
depending on our
perspective, even
though I do enjoy
sitting on the can and
watching everyone 
else's recorded blunders.

I do not like being angry,
or agitated,
or unsettled,
or disturbed,
or cornered, and
I do not think anyone likes
being those things,
except for a couple of women
I know and
avoid at all costs.

I like the calm after the storm.
I like finding balance.
I like the settling effect of
being free,
feeling free,
and remaining free.

I like a balanced scale.
I like giving just as much
as I like taking.
I like like,
love love,
enjoy enjoy,
and hate hate. 

I adore winter and
all its beauty and
I wish I could wear
fingerless gloves,
thick jackets, 
and heavy clothes
all year long.

I loathe hot showers,
Halloween, Thanksgiving and 
Christmas holidays,
and salvation from the worst
parts of myself that shouldn't
exist but do, because,
after all,
I'm a flawed human,
unlike everyone else.


I remember the nostalgia 
of hearing Creed's first album
for the first time.
If that doesn't tattle on me
then nothing will, and
I continue to hold
good music in very
high standards to this day.

Regardless of regardless,
if Aladdin's lamp was real,
what would you, honestly, 
wish for,
and more wishes is not
a choice,
you deep philosopher, you. 

I love self discovery,
the journey it takes us on,
and the people we meet
along the way,
as well as the ones who
mysteriously slip through
our fingers.

My mind wanders, and,
I think if I could stop time,
when would I have done it,
and if the consequence 
was that we could never
restart it,
when would I actually 
hit that button,
because it can be 
painful watching those
that you love age 

They say having kids changes things,
and I wonder if my parents 
thought the same thing 
about me as
I interrupted their prime years
then grew up way too fast for 
them to stomach.

Regardless of regardless,
the most treasured things
in our possession 
is, without a doubt,
precious memories,
and the future,
nostalgic ones
that are yet to be made.

No matter what I do,
no matter what I say,
no matter what I think,
no matter what I type,
no matter what I create,
no matter what I forge,
no matter what I record,
no matter what I battle,
no matter what I win,
no matter what I lose,
no matter what I gain,
no matter what I what,
forever will always be...
forever is a long time...


I'm okay with that...

...even when I try to
convince myself that
I'm not,
regardless of regardless!

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