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nOn-cOmmOn sEnsE

I went to the grocery store today. They did not have any strawberries. Or cherries. Or green bananas. Or fresh oranges. I immediately thought, figures, considering. I tried looking for other items, all unavailable because, hell if I know! I left because it was too exhausting. And depressing. And I think I heard a girl…

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Putting the Dog to Sleep

This post has me reflecting on the first time I had to put a dog to sleep due to debilitating health issues. I have discovered that the best way for me to honor something or someone is by using my gift and putting into words what that specific object, person, pet, or memory meant to…

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Just the Other Day

Have you ever thought to yourself and started with the phrase, just the other day? I have and it carries me back to times of distant past. Just the other day, I was sitting on this mountain side, staring at this girl and the scenery that panoramically enveloped us. The wind had icy, cold fingers…

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