The Sounds I Know

I like places where I can listen to my own thoughts and mute the world’s noise and clutter. This one particular day, I decided to go incognito for a couple of hours so I could dissect a special dinner date. Most other casual dates would not have required a spectacular view in order for me … More The Sounds I Know

Me Remember You

I remember your eyes, and when I looked into them, I swear, it was like I was seeing the lost city of Atlantis for the first time. You were standing in front of me, and it was like your soul and my soul were connected. This was our special place away from the world, and … More Me Remember You

Just the Other Day

Have you ever thought to yourself and started with the phrase, just the other day? I have and it carries me back to times of distant past. Just the other day, I was sitting on this mountain side, staring at this girl and the scenery that panoramically enveloped us. The wind had icy, cold fingers … More Just the Other Day

The Morning Fog

One morning, I was traveling on a road with other weary cavaliers of the pre dawn hours. The jaguar sun was nowhere to be found. Most mornings, he would already be in the sky, prowling the safaris of the far reaching horizon. The blue sky had been erased and painted with the cold, leftover ashes … More The Morning Fog

A Story About Her

With my first two posts out of the way, Introductions First and College – Copy and Paste, it’s now time to dive into the lettered, paged abyss that I call my first completed fictional novel – A Story About Her. In my query letter that I have toted around like a fifty pound backpack for … More A Story About Her

Introductions First

My name is Vernon, and my journey is going to hit cruise control with the crowning of the year 2020. Maybe this year, we, myself included, will all see things clearer than we ever have before. For as long as I can remember, I was one of those guys that said they were never going … More Introductions First