My 100th Blog!

Wow! What an adventure the past couple of years has been for all of us. I hope my writings have entertained you or provoked a different way of thinking, whether you have read one of my samples from time to time or all of them as they slowly filtered through the cracks of every day living. I am blessed to be here, with all of you, sharing little tidbits of my artistic ability so we can try to connect on some common wavelength in the beyond.

I started in December of 2019 with an article titledIntroductions First and, to be honest, looking back at it now, it feels like it was just yesterday. I was such a newbie when it came to building a website and creating a place where people could enjoy free reads while easily navigating my genres and titles!

My main intention was not to join the rat race of becoming the quote on quote ‘next big thing’. I realized there was going to be some time that I needed to constructively spend as I continued to wait for my breakthrough into the realm of becoming a published author slash screenplay writer so what better way to spend that time than to share random samples with all of your beautiful eyes out there.

I had a plan. I was organized and well versed enough to know how to come up with different projects on a weekly basis. All I needed to do was stick to my my craft and deliver.

The beginning of this blog was December of 2019 and, unbeknownst to us, what was waiting for us around the corner in 2020 – geez!

In 2020, while all of us tried to survive the best way we could, I wrote numerous fictional samples (almost one a week) and interspaced nonfiction writings along with them. I realized I needed to dabble in the nonfiction realm so I could grow as a writer. If 2020 did anything for me, it helped me develop my art and give me an outlet while I worked on other side projects.

I ended the year with an interview titled One Year Blog-iversary and informed the reader that I would not be blogging as much in 2021 and would focus more of my writings on nonfiction and poetry themed verses and reserve my future fictional works.

2021 tested me in a lot of ways, and I needed it. I welcomed it. Nonfiction helped me uncover some truths and lies I had been dealing with and forced me to relate those ideas to my readers so we could meet in the middle on this mysterious journey that we call life.

Then, there was writing poetry – an art form that I fell in love with and continue to enjoy. Some of the poems rhymed or had their specific chaotic order even though I tended to lean to the free verse style. To each his own, I know, but still a good time to grow while I continued to wait and let the waves of the world roll in and then back out to where they came from.

In 2021, I took my next creative leap and tested my vocal self by maintaining a podcast (platform search ‘vernontalks’) with sporadic episodes while simultaneously organizing My First Short Film. I have always enjoyed a good movie paired with eye catching cinematography and intriguing storyline – whether the film kept me thinking for days on end or even had the power to change my current perception.

My first movie was less than amateurish but, to me, still packed a creative punch and was a solid effort for someone who had zero knowledge when it came to filming, editing, scoring, cinematography, direction, script writing – basically all of the fundamentals when it comes to film school.

One thing I did have was creative vision, and nothing was going to discourage me from testing the waters of the art of short film making. You can study film all you want, whether in school or at home, but I believe the only way you are truly going to learn is to immerse yourself and give it an honest try.

2021 turned out to be a very creative year for me artistically and, even though I had not yet gained the notoriety of becoming a published author or have a production company snag up one of my eleven fictional novels for a screenplay, I had challenged myself, been very productive, and not embarrassed myself in the process.

Fiction – check.

Nonfiction – check.

Poetry – check.

Podcast – check.

YouTube channel (3 Castl3s Film) and First short film – check.

Now what?

In 2022, I guess I was still searching for my next creative direction so I decided to maintain my course when it came to blogging nonfiction and poetry, recording podcasts when the moment called for it, writing and editing my fictional novels on the side, and concluding my two part short film narrative by writing, editing, directing, and producing the last installment.

Things were going great until the calamity of all calamities fell upon me by way of a work related accident – second and third degree burns to my left foot – Don’t Look Down” : an unfortunate allegory”. Long story short, my life came to a stand still and a lot of pieces, that had not been there before, were shuffled around. It greatly affected me. It affected my family. It affected my work status. It affected everything, and the remnants of the injury still stick with me to this very day.

Regardless of how much the injury hindered me in the months that followed, through all of the pain and skin grafting and having to relearn how to walk and trying to enjoy a limited summer experience due to me letting the injury fully heal and all the living life that had to transpire, I honestly find myself in the best place, now, than I have ever been in my entire life.

And as though irony, my soulmate, would continue to tickle my ear, I probably would not be the man I am today unless the accident had occurred.

Life and hindsight – what can you do – you know?

Due to my injury and me having to reground myself and find my new way of life, My Second Short Film had to be delayed and was not released until October of this past year. On top of that, me and my little tribe temporarily relocated to Chesapeake, VA, for a couple of months for a new job opportunity and made our way back home for an even better job opportunity and more level headed lifestyle. My foot was later cleared from future specialists’ visits, and here I sit on my bean bag chair, typing to all of you, my lovelies who have stuck by me, word for word.

As my slogan still remains, “going to the edge and back, one word at a time”, eh?

So, three years later, with my 100th Blog Post, what direction do I find myself heading when it comes to 2023.

I’m scared to even say out loud or even hint to general specifics considering what could be around the corner for all of us. You know?

I’m going to continue to write nonfiction and poetry from time to time and post it on my website. I’m going to record an occasional podcast, maybe bring in a guest if the moment feels right and talk about life and share it with my listeners. I’m going to work on my next short film project and, without giving away too much detail, make it as Southern Gothic’y as I can. Lastly, something tells me it would be in my best interest to get over myself, put in the actual time and effort, go ghostie for a hot minute, and convert all my fictional novels into screenplays considering the trend I am currently observing in platform streaming services and the direction they are headed.

What’s the worst thing that could happen, right?

I thank God for all the blessings I have been bestowed. I’m thankful to be in this moment with all of you. I’m thankful for the love that my family and friends give me on a constant basis. I’m thankful that I have not given up because what would the struggle be without the manifestation that soon approaches.

Life is good and, well, I hope it stays that way for a little bit.

You know?

Happy New Year, everyone.

I hope your 2023 rocks like no other.

I think it’s about time.

What do you think?

– The terrain I’ve covered since the forming of this blog –

Not too shabby for a country boy with a dream, huh?

Three pieces of advice I leave you with :

1. Never, ever give up on yourself or your dream. You, your soul, and your life is so very important to the world at this very second!

2. Quit making excuses for people’s shoddy, narcissistic behavior. It’s not how that person was ‘conditioned’ or ‘raised’ or who their ‘parents’ are, unless said person is a child. Everyone has a choice on how to act and react to another human being – free will at its finest. Regardless, it’s okay to ignore and disassociate with people that are toxic to your mental health, and when I say ‘people’, I mean ‘anyone’.

3. You got to have Faith, Hope, and Love, yet keep in mind the greatest of the three.

now, time for me to…

… be still …

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