My First Short Film Premiere

I have always admired good direction, writing, and cinematography when it comes to movies. Even while studying certain directors and writers, whether they are established, discovering themselves, or brand new, I feel like visual art can touch the viewer in many ways and leave a long lasting impression.

Anyone can put words or paint on a blank sheet of paper. I understand this as any other writer or painter has discovered or will discover on their artistic journey. Anyone can shoot video. I understand this as any other director has discovered or will on their personal journey. Anyone can compose some form of music, whether it goes viral, maintains mediocrity, or dwells underground. I understand this as any other musician has discovered or will on their personal journey.

Anyone can perform their art, slap a major or independent label on it, and call it a day, hoping the tides of tomorrow carry it into the endless and not return it back to an already littered shore.

In that moment, I have to stop and remind myself of the underlying theme of my artistic endeavors, one that I have been forging myself in for almost fifteen years –

– if I cannot connect with the reader or the viewer, for what little time we have in our little moment, time we are graciously granting one another with, me returning that favor with something of substance, then what am I really doing here?

Worthy art should not waste anyone’s time.

It should enhance it.

It should preserve it.

I have secured a venue for my first short film viewing. A week after the premiere, I will upload the video to my YouTube Channel (3 Castl3s Film) and send it out into the endless alongside everyone else’s artistic beauty.

Upside Down is an eighteen minute journey, filmed in the beautiful spectrum of black and white, narrated by a man who struggles to find himself in a world that he thinks has abandoned him. His story revolves around the one thing that connects all of us as human beings, the one thing that ghosts us until we finally become that inevitable ghost – that thing being loss.

Feel free to attend the premiere or watch when it arrives on YouTube.

Thank you for your support!

I wish you nothing but the best!

Short Film Premiere – Upside Down

Thursday, December 2nd – 8:00 p.m.

Mother Earth Brewing Tap Room and Beer Garden

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