: something that happens because of certain circumstances, although it was not planned by anyone.

Out of anything that you could be doing right now, out of anything that you could be reading, out of all the things you could be double tapping and liking, you are here with me. You are reading the words that my soul tells my brain tells my fingers to type.

If I typed something grotesque, you would imagine it scene for scene. If I typed a cuss word, your brain would say it aloud even if your lips remain sealed. If I typed a hot and heavy love sequence, the butterflies would flutter throughout your insides and tickle your imagination. You might get lost while reading (good), disappear for a handful of minutes (great), and find a different you by the time you scanned the last sentence (even better). We have enjoyed the ups and downs of this experience since we first embarked on this adventure together, whenever that may have been for you, and I am eternally grateful that you share your time and life with me.

I hope you, the reader, strays away from thinking that I type half empty words and expect you to finish my job by filling in the blank spaces. Your job is to feel the words – not fill them in. You deserve to be moved by something original. This experience is not a gimmick. I have nothing to sell! This is not strange magic. I have no spells to cast. This is more of a philosophical combination of someone who is tune with himself and the real life emotions of this world and his time machine’s home keys and can describe the pain we share, for verbatim, with fluent, non flashy words.

For me, I treat our temporary connection as a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity of universal design’.

Confession time. This is what I do for you and only you. I take your picture from the frame. I tape it to the wall in my direct line of sight. I stare at you. I try to see how the world is affecting you. I try to understand the emotions you are experiencing whether they are negative or positive. I push the worldly opinions outside my space, my comfort zone, and engage your soul’s emotional state as an unbiased and understanding human being. I get into my time machine and find a way to comfort you on a future present day that has yet to arrive (or maybe it already has).

If your arms are tired of treading water, I devise a way to throw you a lifejacket even though I’m wearing one and floating in the same sea as you. If we are falling though the sky and you have no parachute, I try to swoop down like a Tom Cruise Peregrine Falcon and holster you to me before I pull the ripcord. If the world is on fire and your oxygen tank is low or empty, I try to locate you through the smoky haze, calm you, and buddy breath with you until the suffocating fog passes by. This is the reader slash writer relationship I mentioned on my homepage. This is the invisible thread that connects us.

Any writer or blogger who does not take this responsibility seriously – you should be able to feel it in their words.

In preparation for writing, my approach is like this real life situation : you have a date that you’re nervous about. He or she is supposed to be there by 7:00 p.m. Some dates show up at, what, 7:15 p.m., no text or phone call to let you know why they are running behind. Some dates will honk the horn and expect you to meet them at the curbside. Me, I like to be the one that shows up five minutes early (whether that aggravates you or not), smiling, flowers in hand, knocking on the door, and may even apologize for arriving early.

Why do I behave in such a way? Because that extra time is more cushioned space that I get to share with you and, believe me, by the time we are done, we are going to need all the space we can get. This, what is happening right now between me and you, is something more than just happenstance. The future will be the true determinant and show you why. Trust me! It will! It allways does!

I have to look at the world differently. No matter how easy it would be, I cannot be the person who spends their entire life being discontent. Disconnected. Angry. Dissatisfied. Unfulfilled. Confused. Full of rage. Misled. Wasting their time. All for what? To look back in regret? To look back in mopey hesitation considering how many times we emptied our recycle bin and it still remains full? How many times have we changed our desktop background? How many minutes before our screensaver kicks in? Is it time for an emotional upgrade yet?

You may get tired of always being in second place. Third place. Last place. You may try your hardest each and every time, only to be one inch away from breaking the finish line first. Life will wear you down. Excuse me – it is going to wear you down. It will exhaust you. The rejection. The feeling of being ignored. The sensation of being invisible like a living ghost. When this happens, we need to circle back around and ask ourself three questions : who learns more life lessons – the winner or the loser? Next, what are we going to do with those lessons? Lastly, who are we going to surround ourselves with as we grow through those lessons?

Listen to me and believe this statement – your hard work is not in vain. Somebody, somewhere out there, sees your art or hard work or unconditional love or kind eyes or patient responses, and they appreciate it and are moved by it. One day, sooner than later, you will get to celebrate the fruits of your labor. Almost everyone, who does not have the opportunity to dangle on family riches, is an underdog in today’s world. When the missing slipper finally slides over Cinderella’s foot, your foot, it is going to feel like warm mashed potatoes. The ones who get to feel this virginal sensation are the ones who forge on when the odds are against them in every possible way.

Wiggle those toes! You deserve it!

My first blog post was stamped and mailed in the middle of December 2019. In it, I introduced myself and talked about how I was going to set the cruise control for the year 2020, the year of inevitable chaotic thrust. Unbeknownst to all inhabitants of planet Earth, one of the most entertaining years of human history was about to be etched in stone (this is from a writer’s standpoint when maintaining a deep perspective on non repetitive plot). The world has lost and is continuing to lose a lot of good people, and that fact I single out from my above statement and send my heartfelt prayers of comfort to the families of those people.

On opposite ends of the spectrum, some people have received answers to prayers this year and been blessed with miracles. Others have held down their place in the status quo and struggled just as much as any other year. Some people have skirted by, eating crumbs, Ramen noodles, and cereal for dinner, while the other side of the scale has continuously been served filet mignons, caviar, and shrimp scampi on silver platters. Regardless, gravity is still in effect, which means the Earth is still spinning, and a lot of us choose to be wiser where we once lacked knowledge.

‘Some of us’ being the key word. These people are the much needed Thanksgiving gravy.

We refuse to let our dreams be haunted by the antagonizing spirits of those who have given up or don’t believe in them.

So, are you here by mere coincidence? Out of happenstance? Do you think you found my words and I found your eyes for a reason? Do you think we crossed paths because there was something that we could learn from one another? That out of the tens of millions of bloggers and writers and algorithims that currently exist, you happened to stumble across my site, my blog, my writing style?

How many are here because someone told you about me? How many of you are here because you know me personally from whatever stage in your life? How many people have you led here because it was that important to them and their precious soul? How many of you are still here because you honestly want to know more about what’s behind the velvet rope at the front of this club – my club?

Is this more than a coincidental happening?

Is this where we change our fighting stance together?

Is the circumstantial evidence of what we leave behind intriguing enough that the rest of them can find us at our next party location?

I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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