Monthly Archives: July 2020

CaN i CaLL yOu ToNighT?

If I called you out of the blue tonight, what would we talk about? Would you sit down to a glass of wine, water, or chocolate milk? Would you turn the t.v. off and turn the radio on? Would you step outside during our chatter and smoke a cigarette? Would you change from your daytime […]

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This Is Where It Began

Life as a writer starts with a blank page. I let my fingers rattle the top of the computer keys without actually hitting them. I close my eyes and disappear for a minute or two. I have to ask myself the following questions before me and you embark on our journey together: Where do we […]

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Where Do You Want to Go?

Can you imagine what the first person to land on the moon thought as he viewed the Earth from afar (not knowing if anyone has “actually” been there yet or if they’ve already established suburbs, mini malls, and a couple of McDonalds’ there). Where we have been is important and should never be discounted, but […]

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