Drowning Skylight

In my previous blog post, I Rigged the Election, I told the reader that I was going to briefly discuss the second fictional novel I completed back in 2008. It also happens to be part one of a time traveling trilogy if a future publisher decides for it to be.

The Drowning Skylight query goes as follows:

What would you do if you found out that the America you lived in was just a façade of propaganda set up by allied terrorist nations? What would you do if newspapers and television stations had been programmed by the national government to manipulate the locals into believing their ideologies? What would you do if some of the citizens, your very own family and friends, had been brainwashed by the government and conformed to their proposed style of life? One person knew the answer to these questions and realized what he had to do. With no one else to turn to but his group of close friends, Nathan Sphinx decided to take things into his own hands and free America by becoming a homeland terrorist. By taking on the persona of something that was hated and feared by the general population, Nathan and his friends hoped to open the eyes of the people and turn America back into the land of old. 

Over the past several years, unified terrorist nations had devised an operation to seed their political masterminds into the government of the Independent States of America. More importantly, these foreign leaders had peacefully taken over the nation from the inside out and gained complete control of every branch of government. However, in a seaside town called Sacred Oaks, a revolution was forming by a group of friends known as the Calamities. Because they needed to hide from the powerful, ever-present eyes of the city, the Calamities gathered at Nathan’s farmhouse during the week to plan their Friday Night Sabotages. 

With each act of mayhem strategically carried out, they hoped to win their freedom back by rebelling against the local government of Sacred Oaks. The Calamities knew they would have to cause civil unrest and commit acts of terrorism to show everyone all the lies they were being fed. Amidst all the strife that civil war brings, Nathan and his friends were fine with the consequences of their actions as long as it meant freedom for all. A freedom that so many soldiers of the past had given their lives for. A freedom that will never be forgotten, especially by those who had truly experienced it before the nation changed. 

The Calamities day of victory seemed out of reach because they were fighting a widespread regime with a small, rebel army, but if anything remains true when it comes to war, a rebel’s heart is the hardest to break. If word of the Calamities revolution could spread to the rest of the nation, Nathan knew it would bring other allied forces together to help their cause. Help comes from places where you least expect it. Places you never knew existed. Places you could only dream of. Despite the odds and risk of losing their own lives, the Calamities fought on, never lost hope, and believed that everything they did would be worth it, not only for themselves and the people of Sacred Oaks, but for the rest of the misguided citizens that lived in the Independent States of America. 

One must remember after reading Drowning Skylight, the question is not ‘how’ it will happen but ‘when’. Some would propagate that it is closer than we would all like to think. All we can do is prepare and not let our cities become modern day places like Sacred Oaks. Together, we can keep our freedom and make sure that the spirit of Drowning Skylight is never forgotten. All it takes is one person, an idea, and support from the right group of people.

I have already discussed the pitfalls about rushing to publish this novel, as well as another, in an archived article I wrote back in January of this year. The link to the blog post is : https://vernonwrites.com/2020/01/12/rejection-to-reflection/

I think Drowning Skylight is a solid story and can continue to resonate a somewhat eerie tune if it is edited, published, and promoted by the right company (not to mention if it were made into a movie, Anthony Gonzalez and M83 would be perfect for the soundtrack – his work on the movie Oblivion is evidence of that). I know there are some critics that would say that the pages of Drowning Skylight is nothing more but tinder to be used as fire starter, and they are entitled to those opinions. Drowning Skylight might not have the long lasting flavor of other more popular prints in its genre like 1984, Brave New World, The Monkey Wrench Gang, or Fahrenheit 451 to name a few, but I’m proud of my completed product and stand behind the characters, story line, ending, symbolism, and possible continuation of the trilogy.

I have learned that it is healthy to keep realistically hopeful expectations while waiting in the publishing line with everyone else and improving your craft. I’m sure that applies to more things other than writing and most of you can relate in your own way. I applaud all of you that continue to maintain the patience of a sloth stuck in molasses, and I hope your success matches the blood, sweat, tears, and inspiration you put behind your work.

One of the biggest support systems I have discovered in this journey are the people you choose to keep around you while your dream continues to build momentum. When seconds turn into minutes turn into hours turn into days turn into weeks turn into months turn into years, these people are by your side regardless of your successes or failures. The ones that have been with you since your dream’s inception are the rocks of your life when the tides of the world wash in and try to erode the manifestation of your destiny.

Holding onto your dream after others have let go, though, is the truest test of whether the calling was meant for you.

Hey, You, the one reading this blog post, believe in yourself! Never give up! Surround yourself around a group of people that makes you grow and doesn’t suck your soul dry. Learn something new about yourself and your art every day. Always take two steps forward and an occasional one step back.

Hey, You, the one reading this blog post, chin up! Face the music! Don’t turn your back now! Find your own resistance against this world because one thing is a given if you woke up this morning.

The day is yours.

Always has been!

When they occupied Wall Street, we occupied the occupiers.
A friend closer than a brother is a rarity.
Enjoy those types of friendships!

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Thirty Seconds to Mars – Closer to the Edge

Drowning Skylight was the second fictional novel I completed back in 2008.
This is how much I believe in this book and idea.

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  1. That was great and true. I’m so proud of you and I know it is going to be a success. You are so gifted and you have so much to give. I can’t wait to see what happens. Love you.

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