Just the Other Day

Have you ever thought to yourself and started with the phrase, just the other day?

I have and it carries me back to times of distant past.

Just the other day, I was sitting on this mountain side, staring at this girl and the scenery that panoramically enveloped us. The wind had icy, cold fingers and would try to sneak its hands inside your coat. If one wanted to stay warm, one would have to find open patches of sun kissed earth and bask in its golden delight. A passerby would have thought that I was a voyeur by the way I was snapping pictures of this girl, but she was with me so I could legally creep all I wanted to.

The day was for adventurers only, and I can remember us not wanting it to end. When the breeze stirred through the open plain, her hair slowly tickled her back and danced on invisible puppet strings. We picked out a hillside where our imaginary dream home was located. We thought of different ways that we could leave everything in the old world behind so we could move here. If there was ever a place for us, we knew it had to be in this land. It was that special.

I sat downwind from her, and my senses led me to believe that a bakery or coffee shop was nearby. Her lips smelled and tasted of vanilla bean and peppermint. Her hair carried the scent of freshly crushed coconuts and flower petals. Her skin gave off the aroma of strawberry kiwi and other tropical fruits. She smelled so divine that I waited for her to disappear because I knew she was nothing but a figment of my imagination. This feeling was so special that I knew her worst odors would still emanate magic and unicorn dust. I knew her morning breath would shoot by my awakening nostrils like cotton candy and not fiery dragon’s breath. I knew her sweaty sports bras would shout cherry bubblegum and not lukewarm sardines. I knew her messy morning hair would wrap around me like a nest of freshly roasted hazelnuts and not give off the scent of everyday oily bed head.

As a mountain cut a nearby cloud into two marshmallowy fluffs, I found myself disappearing into time and space. A small hand reached down and interlocked their tiny fingers into mine. Her head nudged up to my shoulder and nestled as though she were bedding down for a long winter’s nap. She let out a sigh then everything went silent. Something special was happening, and I let it. I felt it creep up my spine as each second ticked by with resounding thunder.

She squeezed my hand until I finally looked at her. Her eyes were disguised by big oversized sunglasses and mine were being refrained by classic Wayfarers. For the millionth time that day, her hair danced like freshly thrown Christmas tinsel. The flaps from my beanie rustled against my burly sideburns and stuck to the hairs on my lower chin. She took her thumb and rubbed it over the top of my palm.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yeah!” I replied. “Couldn’t be better. Why?”

She smiled and looked in the direction of where our imaginary mountain house was located. A couple of children approached and ran by our overlook. They were quickly silenced by whispered threats from the mouths of their parents for disturbing the peace.

“Just wondering. That’s all!”

She giggled after her response. I smiled back at her.

Just the other day, I was having the best day of my life, and I’ve had a lot of others since then. Just the other day, I picked out the best spot for a forever home. Just the other day, I felt the sun like I’ve never felt it before. Just the other day, time stood still and in a good way. Just the other day, I realized that every day is a good day if you look at it through the right lens.

If you feel like boarding your own time machine, say to yourself, “just the other day”, and see where your mind takes you. The destinations are endless and can be memorable as long as you don’t lose yourself. Everyone has their own way of keeping their mind, body, and soul grounded.

If I close my eyes hard enough and get inside my time machine, a nostalgic feeling starts to wrap around me. I start to smell cucumber melon. Eucalyptus spearmint. French lavender and honey. Warm vanilla sugar. Japanese cherry blossom. Twisted peppermint. Winter candy apple. Sweet pea. Pink chiffon. Midnight pomegranate. Passion fruit.

I take another imaginary whiff just because I can.

Just the other day, I think.

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